We`re involved in Community service…

PERU ADVENTURE TREK is proud to be intimately connected with the local community. we organize charity drives in a directi way without ONG managment, such as collecting christmas presents for needy children. We also maintain a dose relationshit whith our porters and their families; helping them with health care and educational issues. Donating educational materials:

– Health supplies.

– Medical supplies.

– Dental supplies.

– Clothing.

– School supplies. Crayons, colored pencils, work books, etc during our trip we will designate menbers of the trip to visit and distribute our gathered supplies to local áreas in need. It will make the trip complete.


If you want to have a more meaningful trip we`ve put together a great trip Discovery process to help others on your journey.

We could add a visit to your classical tour; for example to the Arco iris orfhanage, where you will have the opportunity to spend time with the kids to teach and play with them.

Visit qosqoayllu school located in san salvador town, where we have provided a lot of social help but there is more to be done. You will stay in a local house during the day and teach the kids some english, basic personal higiene, etc. Also, visits in cuzco to some ONGs to do social work. :